How to Convert Music From Windows Media Player to Your iPod

by Paul Ramone
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If you own an iPod, the iTunes application is necessary to transfer your songs, videos and other media stored on your computer. If you have songs stored in your Windows Media Player, you must transfer them into M4A format to sync with your iPod. Though it might seem daunting, the task is relatively easy and quick to perform once you learn the proper method.

Step 1

Open the location of your saved Windows Media Player music files on your computer. These files are typically stored in the "My Music" folder of "My Computer."

Step 2

Open the iTunes application. If you do not have the application, you can download it from

Step 3

Drag and drop the songs from the saved location into the open iTunes window. You will be prompted to convert the MP3 files into M4A format. Select "OK" to begin the conversion process.

Connect your iPod to the computer using the USB iPod cable. The newly added music files will automatically sync to the iPod. If they do not, click the iPod under the "Devices" menu on the left side of the iTunes window and click "Sync" in the center of the screen.


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