How to Convert MTS to MPEG

by Alexis Lawrence

MTS is the file extension for the Advanced Video Codec High Definition, or AVCHD, video file type. Sony and Panasonic use this codec and the .mts file extension for the footage captured on their high definition camcorders. MTS files are not compatible with many video programs and editing softwares. If you would like to use an MTS file in a program that does not have the ability to read the file, you will first need to run it through a software that can read it and convert it to a standard video file type, such as MPEG.

Download and install VideoReDo. VideoReDo is one of the few conversion softwares with the ability to read MTS files. To install VideoReDo, follow the installation screens provided.

Import your MTS file. Click the big "Open Video" button on the main screen. This will open a window in which you can browse for the MTS file. When you find it, click "Open". The video will start playing in the VideoReDo main screen.

Click on the "Save As..." button. Clicking on "Save As..." will open a new window.

Choose where to save the converted file. To select a folder, click on the drop-down arrow next to "Save in" at the top of the window. All of the folders on your hard drive will be listed in the menu. Select the folder of your choice.

Choose MPEG as your output type and name the file. Click on the drop-down arrow next to "Save as type" and select "MPEG Program Stream" from the list. To name the file, click in the box next to "File name" and type the name.

Click the "Save" button. This will begin the conversion. A window will appear that will monitor the progress of the conversion. When the file is completely converted, an "Output Complete" window will pop up. Click "OK" to close the "Output Complete" window. Your converted MPEG will be available in the output folder you selected.


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