How to Convert MSWMM to WMV

by Alexis Lawrence

Files with the MSWMM extension are Windows Movie Maker project files. These project files do not contain any actual video. Instead, like files for most video-editing applications, the project files reference video files that are stored on a computer’s hard drive. Because of this, MSWMM files cannot be converted directly into video file formats, such as Windows Media Video, or WMV. In fact, the files can be opened only in Windows Movie Maker. Only the Movie Maker editor can convert a MSWMM file into WMV.


Launch Windows Movie Maker from the “Start” menu. If you do not have Windows Movie Maker on your computer, download the program at the Microsoft website (see Resources.)


Open the MSWMM file that you want to convert to WMV by clicking “File," then "Open Project,” and then navigating to the MSWMM file in the File Open window.


Go back to the “File” menu. Choose the “Publish Movie” option. The “Publish Movie” wizard opens over the Windows Movie Maker window.


Click “Next” on the first screen of the “Publish Movie” wizard. On the second screen of the wizard, type in a name for the WMV file in the box provided, then click the “Browse” button to browse for the folder on the hard drive where you would like to save the WMV. Click “Next” again.


Leave the default setting selected on the “Choose the settings for your movie” screen, or select the “More settings” option by clicking the circle beside it. When the menu next to “More settings” populates, click the arrow to display the menu option and choose any of the “WMV” options in the list.


Click “Publish.” A “Publishing Your Movie” window appears that displays the percentage of the movie that has been published and an estimated time remaining. When the movie is done publishing, click the “Finish” button that appears to close the “Publishing Your Movie” screen.

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