How to Convert MS Excel to PHP (5 Steps)

By Adam Cloe

Microsoft Excel is a commonly used spreadsheet program. It combines a user-friendly interface with strong calculating and graphing capabilities which makes it ideal for both storing complex data and for its display. Excel files can be converted to a type of coding, known as PHP by first converting the Excel data into HTML, and then converting the HTML to PHP. This enables the Excel spreadsheet to be a part of a dynamic web page, which can allow visitors to interact with the data and view it as part of an Internet page.

Step 1

Open an Excel to HTML conversion program. (See "Resources" below.)

Step 2

Open your Excel file in the converter. To do this, click the "Add File" button at the top of the main window, and then select your Excel sheet to convert.

Step 3

Select an output location and convert. Click the "Export Files To" button and select where you want the HTML file to be saved (the desktop may be convenient for locating the file later). Click "Convert."

Step 4

Open an HTML to PHP program. (See "Resources" below.)

Step 5

Convert your HTML to PHP. In the main window, paste in the HTML code that you received from Step 3 (via copying and pasting the text). Then, click the "Convert to PHP" button and save the ensuing file to your desktop.