How to Convert MPG to JPG

By Shoaib Khan

You can convert MPG movies to JPG images using free software.
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You can convert an MPG video file into one or more JPG files, thereby extracting still images from the video clip. Once you convert the video, you can use the images as normal JPG files. You can upload or email the images, or even set one as your desktop background. You can convert MPG files to JPG images using freeware programs such as Advanced X Video Converter Trial Version, Free Video to JPG Converter or ImageGrab. Regardless of the program you use, the basic steps in the conversion process are similar, with each MPG frame being saved as a separate JPG file.

Advanced X Video Converter

Download Advanced X Video Converter (see the "" link in the Resource section below). Save the executable (.exe) file on your desktop.

Launch the program interface and click the "Add Task" button in the main window. You will see a new screen titled "Task Window." Click "Convert Video to Pictures." Add the video you want to convert by clicking "Open" then navigating to the directory where the video file is located.

Set output preferences. Specify how many images to extract from each second of video, and where you want to store the JPG files. You may limit video runtime by using the slider bars to specify start and end times. The program will only extract images from the defined range. Click "Convert Now!"


Download the ImageGrab executable file (see the link in the Resource section). Start using the program by double-clicking the ImageGrab icon; you don't have to install it. Launch the program and click the first icon in the menu bar, depicting an open folder. Add the video file you want to convert by navigating to its location.

Review your video in the integrated media player. If it is upside down, click the "Invert" icon (depicting an arrow) to fix it. Some video files may play upside down, depending on the decoder used.

Select the output folder. Click the icon marked with an open folder and a small blue arrow. Navigate to the location where you want to save the output JPG files.

Specify where to extract images from. Use the arrow keys to select time range from which to grab images. Press "F12" to extract an image from the video and save it to the output folder. You may also use the "F5" key to grab an image without saving it, and "F7" to save the last grabbed image.

Free Video to JPG Converter

Download and install Free Video to JPG Converter (see the link in the Resource section). Open the program's main window and specify an output directory by clicking the browse button adjacent to the "Output Folder" heading.

Specify how many images to extract per second, or per frame of video. Click on the appropriate radio button from the main window to specify whether you want to extract per second or per frame. Use the toggle button to add an appropriate value for the number of seconds or frames.

Trim the timeline. Set the video runtime using the horizontal bar at the bottom of the video playback screen. Only images within the range will be saved. Click "Save."