How to Convert MPEG4 to WAV

by Art Corvelay

MPEG-4 is a very common video file format. WAV, on the other hand, is an audio file format. You may want to take the audio from a video so that you can listen to the audio only. You can convert a MPEG-4 into a WAV as long as you have the correct software to do so.

Download and install Audio/Video to WAV converter. See additional resources for a link to this application.

Open the application, and select the MPEG-4 you would like to convert. To do this, click the "Open Media" button.

Rename your output file. There is a text box where you can enter an output file name.

Select a start time and end time if you want to convert part of the MPEG-4 file. If you want to convert the entire file, simply move on to Step 5.

Click the "Convert" button located at the bottom left-hand corner of the application. You have now converted an entire MPEG-4 file into a WAV.

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