How to Convert MPEG to Video_TS

By Larry Amon


MPEG video is a common video file format. However, if you want to have all the advantages of DVD video, such as quality and versatility, converting those files to DVD is a simple and good option. VIDEO_TS isn't the format for DVD itself, it's just the way files are stored in the folders on the DVDs. Most people looking at a DVD will see this folder, but converting files to the actual DVD format is not difficult.

Purchase or download video editing or conversion software. You will need more than just a simple editing program, as you will need one that can author DVD files. Programs such as Adobe Premier can handle this type of operation. You can also find software that is just for converting video types, and for creating DVD's.

Open the MPEG file in the video program. Depending on the software, you will have to go to a menu option such as "Open," or "Import" or "Convert," and select the file from wherever it is saved.

Save or export the file as a DVD video file. You can add additional features in some programs, if desired. You can add commentaries or other features for a DVD.

Open the video file you just saved, and burn it to a DVD. You may have to open the file in a DVD burning program, if the video software doesn't have this capability. Make sure the DVD is encoded in the region where you want it to be played, or set it to any region. DVD authoring software has this setting that is easily chosen, and DVD players will only play DVD's set for their region. This is done for copyright protection.