How to Convert an MP4 to SVI

By Will Conley

MP4 is a near-universal digital video file format. SVI is the Samsung proprietary video format used in some of that company's portable media devices. Often MP4s will not play properly on Samsung devices. If you want to play your MP4s on your Samsung device, you can do so with your PC by converting them to the SVI format. To convert your MP4s, you will download a program called Samsung Media Studio and use it to convert your MP4 library to SVI so you can load and view those videos on-the-go with your Samsung device.

Step 1

Download and install the latest version of Samsung Media Studio (see Resources below).

Step 2

Launch Samsung Media Studio. The program will open and display the Audio library.

Step 3

Click the Video icon to display the Video library.

Step 4

Add to the Video library the MP4s you wish to convert. To do this, go to "Menu > Import" and choose "Auto Scan," "Open Folder" or "Open File." To scan your entire hard drive for all video file types and add them to the library, choose "Auto Scan." To add the contents of a folder or folders, choose "Open Folder." To add MP4 files one at a time, choose "Open File."

Step 5

In the Video library, CTRL-click all the MP4 video files you wish to convert to SVI.

Step 6

Right-click any of the MP4s you selected in Step 5 and select "Convert File" from the context dialog.

Step 7

Install the "Unified Codec Package" by clicking "Install," if Samsung Media Player asks you to do so at this point. This will increase conversion speed.

Step 8

Select the "Target Device" for the converted SVI files. This is the device you will be loading the converted SVI files onto. You can choose YP-T10, YP-T10(MTP), YP-S5, YP-S5(MTP), or YP-P2.

Step 9

Select the "Save Folder" where you would like your converted SVI files to be saved. Leave it at the default for convenience.

Step 10

Click "Run." Your MP4 files will be copied and converted to the SVI file format and saved as new files.