How to Convert MP4 to MP3 Files for a Mac

By Andrew Schrader

Convert the audio from MP4 files to MP3.
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The file extension ".mp4," short for MPEG-4, signifies a compressed video file. Mac users can enjoy a steady work flow between QuickTime Player and iTunes, converting audio and video files to many formats, including .mp3's. MP4 files are one of the few video types supported by iTunes; however, you must convert your MP4 video in QuickTime to export the audio, and then convert the audio track to an .mp3 in iTunes.

Step 1

Download and install QuickTime Player. Drag the QuickTime icon into your "Applications" folder. Right-click your MP4 file in Finder and open it in QuickTime Player.

Step 2

Click "Apple-E" to bring up the export window. Click the "Export" icon and choose "Sound to AIFF." Your file extension should now read ".aif." Rename your file if needed, and click "Save."

Step 3

Download iTunes, agree to the user terms and install. Drag your new AIF file into the iTunes Library, or click "File" and "Add to Library" in iTunes and select your AIF.

Step 4

Click "iTunes" at the top of your screen and hit "Preferences."

Click "Import Settings" in the lower right side of the window. Click the icon bar "Import Using" and select "MP3 Encoder."

Click "OK" twice to exit back to the iTunes Library.

Step 5

Right-click your AIF file in iTunes and select "Create MP3 Version." Your new MP3 will appear below your AIF file.