How to Convert MP4 to AVI in Nero

by Stephen Lilley

Though it is not primarily designed for this purpose, Nero Vision (a program included in Nero Burning ROM) can easily be used to convert a computer video file from one format to the next. Nero Vision has a sub-function that acts as a standard video file editor (like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere), so if you want to convert an MP4 file to the AVI file format you would just import it as an MP4, then export it as an AVI.

Step 1

Open [Nero]( Vision using its "Start" menu shortcut icon.

Step 2

Click "Make Movie."

Step 3

Click the "Browse for Media" button to browse your computer for your MP4 file. Once you select it, the file is added to your "Media Files" list at the top of the screen. Click and drag it down into the "Timeline" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Click "Next."

Click "Export Movie." Click "Export Video to File" and make sure "AVI" is selected from the drop-down menu. Click "Export" to convert your MP4 video file to the AVI file format.


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