How to Convert an MP4 to AVI With HandBrake

by Stephen Lilley

An MP4 file is a type of computer video file. Because of the way they are compressed, MP4 video files tend to have large file sizes. If you have a lot of videos and need to conserve space on your computer's hard drive, you can convert your MP4 file to the much smaller AVI file format. The video and audio quality will remain the same, but the file size will be drastically reduced. To accomplish this task, you can use a free program called Handbrake.

Open Handbrake.

Click on the "Source" button. This opens a new window on screen. Use this new window to specify which MP4 video file on your computer's hard drive you want to convert to the AVI file format.

Specify exactly where you'd like your new AVI file to be placed on your computer's hard drive using the "Destination" portion of the Handbrake program window.

Click on the "Format" drop down menu in the "Output Settings" portion of the main Handbrake window. Select "AVI" from this menu.

Click the green "Start" button at the very top of the main Handbrake window. Handbrake will now convert your MP4 video file to the AVI file format. Your new AVI file will be created in the directory you specified in the "Destination" portion of the Handbrake window.


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