How to Convert MP3 to SMF

By Marie Cartwright

A Standard Midi File (also known as an SMF or a MIDI) is a different sort of audio file than an MP3. While an MP3 is a direct sound recording, a MIDI is simply a series of data that instructs the computer to create synthesized sounds. Because of this, converting MP3s to SMFs is one of the more difficult types of file conversions. However, there are several types of software that have been developed to make this tricky task much simpler.

Step 1

Download and install the MIDI conversion software of your choice. Double-click on the installation files once they have finished downloading. This will launch the software installation wizard. Follow any onscreen prompts as directed. You may be asked for additional user input. You may also need to restart your computer. Launch the conversion software once it has installed.

Step 2

Import the MP3 you wish to convert. Depending on the software you are using, this step may be executed in a variety of ways. Your user interface may include a button that says "Import" or "Browse." Likewise, you may find an option labeled "Import" or "Open" within the program's file menu.

Step 3

Begin the conversion process. With most conversion programs, all that is necessary is a simple click of a button. This option can be labeled "Convert," "Begin" or "Next." Converting your file may take several minutes.

Step 4

Click the "Save" button once your new MIDI file is complete. Open the file within your preferred media player to determine to quality of the conversion.