How to Convert an MP3 to RTTL

By Marie Cartwright

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While many cellphones do not recognize MP3s as valid ringtone files, it is not difficult to convert an MP3 into a format that your phone can understand. A Ring Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) file is the format most commonly used in the cell phone industry, other than MIDI files. Converting an MP3 to a RTTTL file will require you to have an audio-conversion program.

Step 1

Launch the audio converter. The icon for this program will either be available on your desktop or within your start menu.

Step 2

Open the file menu within the audio converter. Click "Open." This will launch a pop-up window through which you can browse your local files. Select the MP3 file you wish to convert. Click "Open."

Step 3

Start the conversion process. For audio converters that only perform MP3 to RTTTL conversions, there is likely a button on the main user interface to begin this process. Other audio converters may need you to specify which type of conversion you wish to perform. Select "RTTTL" from the drop-down menu or radio button list provided. The conversion may take a few minutes.