How to Convert an MP3 File Into a Wav File

by Contributor

Many people want to make audio CDs with MP3 files they download. Converting an MP3 into a WAV file is the first step to using an MP3 formatted song on an audio CD. The WAV file format requires more memory than an MP3 file so storage space can become an issue if many MP3 files are being converted into the WAV format.

Step 1

Download an [MP3](https://itstillworks.com/13579348/what-is-an-mp3) file to your computer from your favorite music sharing site.

Step 2

Put all MP3 files to be converted into a common folder. This makes it easier to do a batch conversion.

Step 3

Open your file conversion program. Many free programs are available for download as shareware and freeware (see Resources). These are more than adequate to convert any MP3 files into the WAV format.

Step 4

Highlight the files to be converted by the conversion program. Use the mouse to select a single file or use the mouse plus the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple files.

Step 5

Locate the target file directory for the converted files. This will be the location from which you copy the WAV files to an audio CD or for other purposes.

Convert the files. This may take several minutes depending upon the speed of your processor and the number and size of the audio files.

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