How to Convert an MP3 to CDDA

By Greyson Ferguson

i Jochen Sand/Photodisc/Getty Images

MP3 is an extremely popular MPEG audio format that is used by most audio and video programs and also in portable audio devices. However, there may be times when you would rather have your MP3 audio converted onto a CDDA (CD-Digital Audio). If you need to perform this conversion, there is a good chance you have all of the right equipment already installed on your computer.

Step 1

Insert the blank CD into your CD burner. You are more than likely going to receive several different pop up windows asking if you want to launch a specific software. Close these.

Step 2

Launch the CD burning software you have on your computer. If the media player that houses all your MP3 songs has CD burning capabilities (such as iTunes), this task is going to be even easier.

Step 3

Click-and-drag the MP3 audio files from its source into the main viewing window of the CD burning program. If you are using iTunes, create a new playlist ("File" followed by "New Playlist"). Right-click all of the audio MP3 files you want to burn and select "New Playlist" from the pull down menu.

Step 4

Click "Burn Disk" after all of the MP3 files have been inserted into the software or the playlist. Depending on how many tracks (and the overall length of the CD), this process may take a few minutes.