How to Convert MP3 Audio to the iPod Format

By Andrew Schrader

The Apple iPod can handle any audio file that is supported by iTunes. Although your iPod does support MP3s, you may want to convert them to a higher quality format like a WAV, AIFF or the standard iTunes AAC file type for better playback. All of these file types are supported by iTunes. You can easily convert your MP3s to these formats in iTunes before syncing your new music to your iPod simply by changing your preference settings. You will want to use iTunes for maximum compatibility with your iPod. Please note that converting your MP3s to higher quality iPod formats will result in a larger file size.

Step 1

Download and install the latest version of iTunes. Agree to the terms of use and open the program.

Step 2

Open your MP3 by clicking "Edit" and selecting "Add to Library." Locate your MP3 in the pop-up window and load it in iTunes.

Step 3

Select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu. Hit the "Import Settings" button to enter the import audio settings dialogue box.

Step 4

Choose one of the encoder options from the drop down menu at the top of the screen -- WAV, AIFF, AAC or Apple Lossless. Click "OK" twice to exit back to the iTunes library.

Right-click your MP3 file and select "Create AAC Version," for example. Whichever format you previously chose will appear as a selection. Wait for your new converted file to appear below your MP3. You may now put it on your iPod.