How to Convert MP4 to Wav Using Freeware

by Alexis Lawrence

MP4 files are good quality files that take up very little space on your harddrive. Not every program recognizes the MP4 format though. If you want to be able to use the files in a program, such as an audio editor, you will have to convert the MP4 into a file type that the program can recognize, such as a Wav file. Luckily, there are few free audio converters available that make this process easy.


Download a freeware conversion program, like 'Free Video to Audio Converter 2009'. It says video, but it works with any MP4 file.


Pull in the MP4 file you want to convert. Just click 'Add' or 'Select Files' and browse for the file on your computer.


Choose the file type you want to convert the file into. It will be listed as something like 'Encoder', 'Encode to...' or 'Change file type to'. Select the option 'Wav'.


Select your destination or output folder. Browse for the folder where you would like the program to output your converted Wav files. Some programs will automatically save it into the same folder that the original file is in.


Click 'Encode' or 'Convert' or 'Start'. The program will automatically convert your file to Wav and place the file in your destination folder.

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