How to Convert MP3 Files Into Ringtones for Free

by Kefa Olang

Ringtones are sound files can be assigned to different callers to help you identity an individual each time the phone rings. Converting MP3 files to a ringtone format is a simple process because that allows you to replace the default phone ringtones with more musical, creative and catchy tunes. Converting MP3s to ringtones is free and can be accomplished online without downloading a single program.


Go to a free ringtone creation website such as or (see Resources). There are many of these websites, but they all function very similarly. Click "Choose file" once you're on the homepage.


Locate the MP3 file you want to convert to a ringtone from the location you saved it on your computer and click "Open" to load it to the ringtone creation wizard. Click "Upload."


Adjust the length you want the ringtone to be and select your preferred output (for example, select "M4R" format, though keep in mind that this format delivers higher quality ringtones but at larger file sizes).


Click "Preview" to playback the ringtone when you are done with the customization. Click "Complete" when you are happy with the ringtone, and click "Download ringtone" to download the ringtone to your computer.


Connect your phone to the computer using the supplied USB cable and download the ringtone on your phone. This process varies depending on your phone model; refer to your phone's operating manual.

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