How to Convert MP4 Files to Mov

by Jamie Lisse

If you have some MP4 files that you want to be able to watch in QuickTime or use with other programs or devices, you can convert MP4 files to Mov files. Instead of using a standard video converter program to do your MP4 file to Mov file conversion, you can do the video file conversion online at the Media Convert website. It is an online file conversion tool that is completely free to use. It can quickly convert your MP4 files to Mov for you.

Launch your web browser on your computer. Visit the Media Convert website (see Resources).

Select your input MP4 file by locating the "File" field on the screen. Click the "Browse" button to select the MP4 file.

Check the file format on the drop down by "Input format." The auto detection mechanism should have selected MP4 for you but if it did not, simply select it yourself from the drop down menu.

Look at the area after "Output format" under the ads on the screen, You will see two drop down menus. Click only on the second one. Select Mov as your output file type.

Look to the right and you will see a purple-blue colored "OK" button. Click this to start the conversion. The screen will change and refresh as the file converts and finally display a link for you to download the new Mov file.

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