How to Convert MOV to AVI in FFMPEG

By Joshua Laud

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FFmpeg is an open-source command-line program for converting audio and video. FFmpeg is primarily designed for Linux-based operating systems and comes installed with most distributions. FFmpeg utilizes various video and audio codec libraries so it has support for a wide selection of video and audio file formats. FFmpeg has support for both Apple's Quicktime (MOV) format and the Audio Video Interweave (AVI).

Step 1

Go to your Linux distribution's command line terminal.

Step 2

Type "ffmpeg -i path/ path/movie2.avi" (without quotations).

Step 3

Replace the "path/" with the location and file name of your QuickTime MOV file. Replace "path/movie2.avi" with the destination path and file name of your AVI file.

Step 4

Press "Enter" or "Return" to start the conversion. FFmpeg will use the default settings and convert with as little data loss as possible. The time it takes for the video to convert will depend on your computer's specification, length and quality of the video.