How to Convert a Mobile Game Into a PC Game

By Zachariah C. Miller

It is possible to enjoy your favorite mobile game on your home PC.
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Mobile games are based on Java technology. Mobile Java games are self-contained JAR files that contain Java application function, and .Class files are required for the application or game to run. These JAR files can be run on a PC natively if you have Java Virtual Machine installed. If you don't have JVM, you can convert JAR files to EXE files with converter software, which will allow you easily run the game on any PC.

Download a conversion program from the Web and install it on your PC. One such program that will do the job is JAR2EXE Converter, which is available from the references section.

Transfer the JAR file from your mobile phone or device to your PC via data cable. Alternately, you can download the JAR from the net.

Open the JAR to EXE conversion program on your PC. Select the JAR file you want to convert by clicking the "Browse" or "..." button and finding the file on your computer. Select an output directory for the converted files to go to by clicking the "Browse" or "..." button. Then click the "Compile" or "Start Conversion" button to covert the JAR to EXE.

Browse to the directory where the you compiled the files and click the EXE file to run the game application. This will allow you to run the game and test the conversion to make sure it worked correctly. If it did, the game will run in a window.