How to Convert MMP Files to an MP3

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MMP files are playlist files for the DJ software program MixMeister. However, you cannot convert MMP files directly to MP3 files. To work around this limitation, export the MMP file to an uncompressed WAV audio file, then use an MP3 encoder to convert the WAV file to an MP3 file.

Export WAV File From MixMeister

Step 1

Open the MMP file you want to convert to [MP3]( in MixMeister.

Step 2

Click "File" and select "Export Playlist to Mixed File."

Step 3

Select "Mixed Wave File" from the "Save As Type" drop-down menu. To encode each individual song from the playlist to a separate file, click the "Create a Separate Track File for Each Song" check box; to make one file with all of the songs, uncheck the check box.

Type in the desired filename for the WAV file and click the "Save" button. Wait for MixMeister to finish exporting the WAV file before continuing to the next section.

Encoding an MP3 From MixMeister WAVs

Step 1

Download and install an MP3 encoding program, such as Free MP3 WMA Converter, Switch Audio File Converter or Free Audio Converter (see Resources).

Step 2

Open the WAV file you exported from MixMeister with the MP3 encoding software.

Step 3

Select "MP3" as the output audio format in the MP3 encoding software. For best results, choose the settings "192 Kbps," "Stereo" and "44.1 kHz."

Step 4

Select "Export" and type a file name and location for the MP3 file.

Click the "Save" button and wait for the MP3 file to finish converting.


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