How to Convert MKV Files

by Jamie Lisse

Matroska (MKV) files are video files that can contain several audio and video formats. MKV files are popular in the anime community because you can put subtitles on MKV files. If you have some MKV files that you want to be able to use or edit with a variety of programs or devices you can convert your MKV files to other video formats. The easiest way to convert MKV files is with Media Convert. Media Convert is a free online file conversion site.

Launch a web browser on your computer. Navigate to the Media Convert website (see Resources).

Make sure you are on the "Local File Conversion" tab, which is the default tab, and click the "Browse" button. Select the MKV file that you want to convert. Only one file can be converted at a time.

Look at the "Input Format" select to see if it reads MKV. It should auto detect your file type but if it did not you can select MKV.

Scroll until you see "Output Format." There are two drop down menus. Click on the second one. This is how you will select your output file type. There are several options to convert your MKV file to, including WMV, MOV and MPG.

Convert the MKV files by clicking the "OK" button. The screen will change a few times as the file goes through the conversion process. When it is complete you will get a screen with a link for you to download the new file. You can right click on the link to save the new file to your computer.

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