How to Convert a Mixcraft File to MP3

By Quinten Plummer

Acoustica's Mixcraft application includes audio record and edit features for virtual audio tracks. Mixcraft also lets you generate multiple audio tracks that you can edit and enhance with built-in tools and native or external plugins. After finishing the project, mix down the audio down to a single MP3 file that you can play on your computer, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player.

Step 1

Click the the Mixcraft file to load the file in the progrm.

Step 2

Click the Mix Down button; you'll find the button at the top of the program, next to the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons.

Step 3

Select a folder save location for the converted MP3 file, using the Save Your Mix file explorer window.

Step 4

Enter a name for the MP3 file into the applicable field. Select the MP3 File (*.MP3) option from the Save As Type drop-down menu.

Step 5

Click the Save button to convert the Mixcraft file to MP3 format.