How to Convert a MIDI Port to USB (3 Steps)

By Kiley Mitchell

Convert MIDI to USB.
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While USB is now standard technology, MIDI is still offered and available on a wide range of musical devices. MIDI, or musical instrument digital interface, is commonly used for connecting instruments to computers. Since USB has become more of the standard, converting MIDI to USB is often necessary -- especially with older instruments. If you need to covert a MIDI port to USB, you can do so with a converter and a few straightforward steps.

How to Convert a MIDI Port to USB

Step 1

Locate your MIDI device and count the amount of interfaces you'll need. Decide whether you need a single connection or multiple ports for your device and MIDI setup.

Step 2

Purchase a MIDI to USB cable from Amazon or a retail store such as Radio Shack if you only need a single port. Multiple interfaces may require a large converter with multiple ports which can also be purchased at Amazon or Radio Shack.

Step 3

Connect your MIDI port to your MIDI device and the USB port to your computer. MIDI devices should automatically register in your computer if you've already installed the software.