How to Convert Microsoft Word Documents to HTML

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Microsoft Word allows you to convert Word documents to HTML, adding tags and formatting as needed.

Open the document in Microsoft Word by selecting Open from the File menu. Locate the file and select Open.

Use buttons in the toolbar to make any changes, such as increasing the font size or using italics. (The formatting tags for the resulting document will be generated automatically.)

Click on the Tools menu and select Spelling and Grammar to check your spelling. Save any changes.

Click the File menu and select Save As HTML (or Save As Web Page).

Click Yes or Save in the dialog box that appears.

Open a Web browser.

Select Open from the File menu and locate the file you just saved.

Click Open or OK to view the file in the Web browser.


  • You can also edit HTML documents in Word.
  • To save HTML documents as Word documents, select Save As Word Document from the File menu.

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