How to Convert MB to OBJ

By Katrina Matterhorn

An OBJ file is a 3-D image file that contains 3-D coordinates and texture maps. It is a graphics software file compatible with several graphics programs such as Meshlab, Newtek Lightwave 3D and Wavefront 3D. The MB file is a graphics file created by the Autodesk Maya program and is compatible with Autodesk applications; it isn't, however, compatible with other graphics programs. If you want to view your MB file in other applications, the Autodesk Maya does have a converter features so you can convert your MB file to an OBJ file.

Step 1

Double-click the "Autodesk Maya" icon to launch the program.

Step 2

Click "Windows," "Settings/Preferences" and "Plugin Manager."

Step 3

Navigate to "objExport.mll." Place a check mark in the boxes next to "Loaded" and "Auto Load."

Step 4

Double-click the MB file you want to convert. Click "File," "Export Selection" and select "OBJexport" beneath "Files of Type."

Step 5

Name the file when prompted and click "Export." Your MB file will be converted to an OBJ file.