How to Convert MB to KB for MP3 Music

by Eric Hammer
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Converting megabyte (MB) totals to kilobyte (KB) totals is done with a simple math equation regardless of whether you are doing it for MP3 music files or just for standard data files. The numbers are exactly the same and are based on standard definitions for a kilobyte and a megabyte. You may wish to do the conversion if you have an older mp3 player which stores in kilobytes or if you see that you only have a certain number of kilobytes left and you want to find out how much will fit.

Step 1

Right click the MP3 music file you wish to convert.

Step 2

Click on "Properties". Information about your file is displayed.

Step 3

Locate the total size of your file, which should be listed in MB (megabytes). Note this number.

Divide the total number of megabytes by 1,024. This will give you the total number of kilobytes.


  • Be sure to double check your math as the numbers need to be exact if you are doing conversions.


  • You don't need to do the conversion in your head. There are several automatic conversion tools available on the Internet---at websites like, and


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