How to Convert a Maya File to FBX (5 Steps)

By Doug Vintage

Maya is a 3D graphics and animation program developed by Autodesk for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux operating systems. Autodesk developed multiple 3D graphics applications that perform similar tasks but use different file formats. To increase compatibility between programs, Autodesk created "Platform-Independent 3D Data Interchange Technology." This technology converts projects into the FBX file format to act as a bridge between multiple applications. You can import and export this format into various applications, including Maya, with a specialized FBX extension plug-in.

Step 1

Download the Autodesk FBX 2012 plug-in executable file for Maya from the Autodesk FBX website. Run the executable file to automatically install the plug-in to the appropriate Maya directory.

Step 2

Launch the Maya application and load the project that you want to convert to FBX format.

Step 3

Click on "File" in the main Maya tool bar and select "Export All."

Step 4

Select "FBX" from the "Files of Type" drop-down box and click "Export" to open the FBX Exporter tool.

Step 5

Click "Export" at the bottom of the Exporter Tool window to convert the Maya project into FBX format.