How to Convert MAX to OBJ

by Charles Jackson

Files ending in the file extension "MAX" are the native scene format used by 3D Studio Max, a popular 3D design and rendering program. You will need 3D Studio Max to work with these files or to convert them. The OBJ format is one of the industry standard formats for storing 3D graphics, typically representing individual objects rather than entire scenes.

Step 1

Open 3D Studio Max and load up the .MAX scene file that you want to convert into a 3D object file.

Step 2

Open the "File" menu and choose "Export." Save the file as an OBJ file. Like most 3D graphics programs, 3D Studio Max provides native support for OBJ file types.

Open up the OBJ file in any 3D model viewer or 3D design program of your choice.


  • Be aware that you may lose data during the conversion, including certain texture information and contour information. When you export an object, group of objects, or a scene, it will be saved as a single model with all components tied together as one. For this reason, you should avoid exporting the model to the OBJ format until you have completely finished designing it.


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