How to Convert Mac Quicktime Files to Windows Media Player Files

by Mario Calhoun
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Although Quicktime is a file format that is compatible with most media players, you may need to convert the file to play it in Windows Media Player. To change the file format you'll need to use a video file converter application that supports QT (Quicktime) to WMV (Windows Media Video) file conversion. You can purchase and download these converter applications online from reputable download sites such as These converters are often shareware programs. Shareware programs provide a limited trial, and once the trial is complete you'll need to purchase a license to continue using the product.

Step 1

Use Xilisoft. This shareware application allows you to convert most video file formats as it supports more than 150 formats. Once downloaded, double-click the file to install it. Double-click the Xilisoft icon in the Applications folder and click "Add File" to add the Quicktime file. Select the "WMV" format from the "Profile" drop-down menu and click "Convert."

Step 2

Use 4Media Video Converter for Mac. 4Media Video Converter enables you to convert your video files to dozens of different formats and allows you to edit the file, rip audio and images from the video and create videos out of your photos. Download the application and install it to your HD. Click the "+" icon at the top of the screen and select the Quicktime file you wish to convert. Select "WMV" from the "Profile" section. Click "Convert" to begin the process.

Use FLV Crunch for Mac. As with the previous video converter applications FLV Crunch provides basic file conversion for most video formats and is free to use. Install the software, click "Add" and select the Qucktime file. Select the .wmv file format, and click "Start" to begin the conversion.

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