How to Convert a M4P File Extension to MP3

by Lee Tea

M4Ps and MP3s are high-quality audio files used in portable media players, computers and even home and car stereo systems. M4P files are used primarily by iTunes, Apple's music and media downloading site, while MP3 files are used by most other music players. Because of M4P's Apple-exclusive nature, you may want to convert M4P files to MP3s so you can play them other than in iTunes or on an iPod. You can do this quickly and easily by using a free converter program available online.


Launch TuneClone, available for free download at


Open iTunes and create a playlist containing the M4P songs you want to convert to MP3. Leave iTunes open and minimize the window, returning to the TuneClone window.


Click the Settings tab in TuneClone. In the pop-up window that appears, set the output format to "MP3," then select an outgoing folder to save your converted MP3 files. Minimize TuneClone and return to iTunes. Select the "Burn Disc" button to begin the conversion.


Select the TuneClone virtual CD burner from the burner drive list. The virtual drive will be called "TuneClon Virtual_CD-RW". Select the radio button that appears next to the "Audio CD" menu and put a check next to "Include CD text." Click "Burn."


Wait for the files to burn to the virtual drive. You will be prompted when burning/conversion is complete. When prompted, re-open TuneClone to retrieve the newly-created MP3 files. The files will also appear in the folder you specified in Step 3.

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