How to Convert M4A to MP3 iTunes on a Mac

by Andrew Smith

M4A audio format is one commonly associated with the iTunes program. Songs that are in this format will open inside the iTunes program and are compatible with all iPods. The M4A audio format is not compatible with a variety of different audio software and the songs will not play on all portable MP3 players. Fortunately, you can use iTunes to convert M4A files to MP3 on either a Mac or a PC.


Open iTunes on your Mac.


Click on the "iTunes" option at the top of the program. A drop down menu will appear.


Select "Preferences." A window will then open inside iTunes.


Click on the "General" tab that is located at the top of the window.


Click the button named "Import Settings" found in the window. Another window will be opened.


Choose the "MP3 Encoder" inside of the drop box that is at the top of the second open window. Once you have done this, click "OK" at the bottom of both open windows. The settings will be saved inside iTunes.


Click "Music" under "Library" that is located on the left part of iTunes. The songs that are saved inside iTunes will be listed in the middle of iTunes.


Choose all of the M4A files that you wish to convert to the MP3 format by clicking those songs.


Click "Advanced" located at the top of iTunes and a drop down menu will open.


Select "Create MP3 Version." The newly made MP3s will be saved in the iTunes library.

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