How to Convert Lotus Notes Calendar to Outlook

by Tiesha Whatley
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Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook are both efficient email clients. They both allows you to keep track of your contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and other planning tools that help you stay organized and communicate with others. When switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook, it is helpful to bring over all of the information that you have been compiling in the other program. Appointments that you already have saved in your Lotus Notes calendar can easily be moved over to Outlook.

Step 1

Open the calendar in Lotus Notes. Click on the "Calendar" tab so that you calendar is showing.

Step 2

Click on "File > Export." Choose "Tabular Text" as the format to export the calendar as. Pick a location that is easily found. If you are transferring the calendar to another computer, then save the exported file to a USB drive or floppy disk. Click "Export."

Open up Microsoft Outlook. Click on "File > Import and Export" to import the Lotus Notes calendar. Follow the steps in the wizard to import the calendar.


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