How to Convert Loran to GPS

By Shanika Chapman

While GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) and Loran are calculated quite differently, Andren Loran to GPS conversion software is available that can not only give you an approximation of the GPS coordinates that correlate to a Loran reading, but will improve its accuracy over time as it compares results between GPS and Loran coordinates.

Step 1

Download and install the Andren Loran to GPS conversion software from the website listed in References. The software is compatible with Windows 95 to Windows Vista, and it is available for Mac users via a Windows emulator.

Step 2

Determine the expected deviation by taking both Loran and GPS coordinate measurements from the same position. Be sure to find a place with no tall structures, bridges, mountains, etc. nearby to ensure the best possible results.

Step 3

Input the Loran coordinates from the previous step into the Andren Loran to GPS conversion software, and make note of the deviation between the two points. Always keep in mind that there will be discrepancies between your Loran coordinates and the actual GPS coordinates.

Step 4

Applying the discrepancy obtained from Step 3, begin charting your Loran coordinates in the Andren Loran to GPS conversion software to plot multiple points, up to 32,000 at a time. To save time, you can use Loran data files instaed of manually entering in the data.