How to Convert Logic Audio Files

By Matthew Fortuna

MP3 and WAV files can be burned to CD.
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A music editing tool associated with Apple's iTunes, Logic Studio is used for recording, editing and storing live music. You can save these files to your computer and play them on your iTunes. From your iTunes program, you can convert the Logic Audio files to the more accessible MP3, AAC or WAV file format. These extensions can be easily used with CD burners and a variety of programs. Converting the files takes just seconds and can be done with as many files as you would like.

Step 1

Open your iTunes on your computer and select "Edit">"Preferences">"Import Settings" from the upper iTunes menu.

Step 2

Select "Import Using" in the "Import Settings" menu and click on the file format type you would like to convert your Logic Audio file to. Click "OK."

Step 3

Open your Logic Audio file on your iTunes player and right-click on the file in your iTunes library.

Step 4

Select "Create __ Version" in the pop-up menu. The "____" will read either "MP3," "AAC" or "WAV," depending on what you selected in step two. A new version of your file will then be loaded in the converted file format just below the original in your library.