How do I Convert a List of Web Addresses to Bookmarks?

By Serm Murmson

You can import a list of links from an HTML file.
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Sometimes, you may have too many Internet links to visit at one time. If this is the case, you may need to convert a list of hyperlinks to a list of bookmarks, for later viewing. Most browsers support a number of ways of accomplishing this. You can bookmark multiple tabs at once or import a list of links as a bookmark file.

Opening Tabs

The most straightforward way to convert a list of web addresses into bookmarks is to open each one in a different tab of your browser. Then, you can bookmark each tab. Most browsers feature a way to bookmark all open tabs. In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, right-click on a tab and select "Bookmark All Tabs." In Safari, right-click on a tab and select "Add Bookmarks for These X Tabs," where X is the number of tabs you have open.

Creating Files from Scratch

If you feel confident with HTML, you can create a bookmark file from scratch in Notepad. Begin the document with <!DOCTYPE NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1>. Then, enter the title as Bookmarks and the header as


. Then, begin a list with the
tag. Each item of that list should be denoted by a
tag. Then, describe the link via an tag. For example, if you wished to create a bookmark link to, your tags after
would look like this:
Google. Finish the file with a closing

Importing Bookmark Files

Most browsers support the importing of HTML bookmark files. In Firefox, select the "Show all Bookmarks" option under the Bookmark options. Then, select the Import and Backup menu. Select the "Import Bookmarks from HTML" option. In Google Chrome, select the options menu. In the Bookmarks submenu, select Bookmark Manager. In the Bookmark Manager, select the Organize drop-down menu. Then select "Import bookmarks from HTML file." In Safari, select "Import Bookmarks" in the File menu. These browsers also allow you to export existing bookmarks as HTML files, if you wish to perform this process in reverse.

Organization of Bookmarks

If you create a large number of bookmarks all at once, your browser bookmarks might quickly seem disorganized. In order to prevent this, create a folder for your new bookmarks before importing the list of hyperlinks into your web browser. You can create bookmark folders in all major web browsers.