How to Convert Files Larger Than 25 MB to PDF on the Web

By Lisa Porter

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PDF (Portable Document Format) files are widely compatible and retain their original formatting no matter what program viewers use to open them. Many websites offer online conversion from a wide variety of file formats to PDF, but some enforce limits on the size of the documents you can convert. You can find online PDF conversion websites with no size limit, however. You can convert large files for free at PDF Converter (, and you can sign up for a monthly or annual paid membership to convert files with Create Adobe PDF Online ( Follow the same steps to convert large files to PDF using these or other online converters.

Step 1

Log on to the PDF conversion website and set up an account with the site if necessary.

Step 2

Go to the “Source To PDF” or “Create PDF” page of the site.

Step 3

Click “Choose File” and browse your computer’s documents for the file you want to convert.

Step 4

Enter a new file name if the program asks for one.

Step 5

Enter an email address where the new PDF file should be sent.

Step 6

Click “OK” or “Convert” to convert to PDF.