How to Convert Large Video Files Online

by Kara Page
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Making a home movie or video of any sort can be a fun project, but when you want to share it online, things can get tricky. The type of file extension your video editing software has saved your video as may not work if you want to upload the video to certain video sharing websites, and if you want to burn to a CD to pass your video on to someone else, their computer may not recognize the file type either. Fortunately, there are a few websites that allow you to convert large video files quickly.


Step 1

Go to and click "Browse." Select your large video file from the window and click "Select."

Step 2

Check the "Input format" drop-down window to make sure your video's file type is selected. Click the "Output format" arrow and select the type of file you wish to convert your video to.

Check the box to have a link to download your converted video if you wish, then click "Convert."

You Convert It

Step 1

Go to and click "Select It." Choose your large video from the window that opens.

Step 2

Click the drop-down menu under "Convert To" and select the file type you wish to convert your video to.

Enter your email address in the appropriate field to receive a link to your converted video, then click "Convert It."


Step 1

Go to the Movavi homepage and select "URL" if your video is online or "File" if it is on your computer.

Step 2

Enter the URL or select your video file from the window that opens.

Select the file type you wish to convert your video to from the drop-down window and click "Convert."


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