How to Convert the Language of a Movie

by Leah Hicks

Few things are as frustrating as finding out your new copy of a movie is actually in a different language. But with the advent of DVD technology, movie discs are capable of holding several different voice tracks recorded in different languages, and provide the viewer with the opportunity to change the language if necessary. Of course, it cannot be guaranteed that any given language will be available on every movie. But English, Spanish, and French are nearly always available, and frequently other languages are offered as well.


Insert a DVD into your DVD player, and access the Main Menu. While the DVD should automatically progress to this screen after previews, it can be skipped to by pressing the "Disc Menu", "Title Menu", or "Main Menu" button on your DVD player remote control.


Select the "Languages" or "Setup" option in the Main Menu by pressing the arrow keys on the DVD player remote. Press "OK" or "Enter" to access this menu.


Select the language of choice from the "Languages" section of the screen by pressing the arrow keys and the "Enter" buttons. If subtitles in a language are desired as well, they can also be turned on or off from this screen using the same method. Note that the languages shown are the only languages available. If your language of choice is not shown, you may have to purchase a new copy of the movie through a specialty seller.


Select the "Resume Film" or "Play Film" icon, usually found next to the "Main Menu" icon on the screen. After selecting a language or subtitle, DVDs will often auto-highlight the "Resume Film" icon for you. Selecting this will play your movie in the language you have selected.

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