How to Convert a Keyboard Connector to USB

By Greyson Ferguson

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Although most new keyboards have a USB cable attachment, allowing you to easily plug the keyboard into a computer, older keyboards used mini din cables. These cables are circular and similar in size and look like a television's S-video cable. If you have an older keyboard that uses mini din cables and you want to connect it to your new computer system, you may want to convert the keyboard connection to USB.

Step 1

Connect the cable running out of the keyboard to the female mini din end of the adapter. The female end has the port openings and allows you to plug the cable into the adapter.

Step 2

Insert the other end of the USB cable adapter into an available USB port on the computer.

Step 3

Insert the driver installation CD for the adapter. Although some computers may recognize the keyboard already you should install the drivers that came with the adapter. In a moment the installation wizard loads onto the screen.

Step 4

Follow the prompts of the installation wizard until the setup is complete. You can now use your mini din keyboard on your computer via the USB adapter.