How to Convert a JPG File to a TIF File

by Alexis Lawrence

JPG files and TIF files are both raster image files made of pixels. JPG is the default file type that many digital cameras use to store photos. The type of compression used in JPG files is lossy, which means image quality is sacrificed as the file size is reduced. TIF files can use either the same standard compression used in JPGs, or the lossless LZW form of compression. This compression type creates smaller files without losing quality. If you need to reduce the size of a JPG file, you can save image quality by converting it to TIF before compressing.

Utilize Media-Convert's free online converter. Image files are some of the many file types that Media-Convert can convert.

Upload your JPG file. Click "Browse" or "Open File" and locate the JPG on your computer's hard drive. Click "Open" to upload to the converter.

Make sure that Media-Convert selected the correct input format. The "Input format" box is located right beside the file upload section. Media-Convert is set to auto-detect the file type. It should say "Joint ph. experts group" and list several extensions. If this option is not selected in "Input format," select it from the "Image" section of the drop-down list.

Select the TIF output format. Once the proper input format is selected, the "Output format" box will populate with all of the available image output types. Choose "Tagged Image File Format (.tif, .tiff)" from the list.

Click "OK." When you click the "OK" button in Media-Convert, this begins the conversion. A rectangular box appears on the screen in which conversion progress is monitored, and when the TIF file has been created, you will be taken to a screen with a download link for the file. Click on the link and save the file to your computer.

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