How to Convert a JPG File Into a PDF Online

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Converting files has never been easier. No longer is it necessary to download or purchase special software to complete file conversions, such as JPG to PDF. Instead choose from one of several online file conversion tools that allow you to convert your JPG to PDF format. The conversion process only takes a minute, and you'll be able to immediately download your PDF file, either on the website or through your email.

Free JPG to PDF

Step 1

Visit the Free JPG to PDF website (see Resources for link). Click on "Choose File." Select the JPG image you want to convert to PDF.

Step 2

Click "Convert." Wait a few moments for the conversion to complete.

Choose "Download PDF" on the confirmation screen. The PDF begins downloading to your hard drive.

Neevia Converter

Step 1

Visit Neevia's website (see Resources for link). Choose "PDF" as your output format.

Step 2

Click on "Choose File" and select your JPG file.

Choose "Upload and Convert." Click "Download" when the conversion finishes.


Step 1

Visit Zamzar's website (see Resources for link). Click "Choose File" and select your JPG file.

Step 2

Select "Documents>PDF" as your output file type. Type your email address.

Click "Convert" to convert your JPG to PDF. Zamzar sends an email to your inbox containing the download link.