How to Convert a JPEG Into a Theme for Windows

By Stephen Lukas

A JPEG picture file can be used as a Windows desktop background and saved as a theme that allows the user to easily switch from one theme to another. In this way the user can alternate between different backgrounds rather than always having the same background. This is particularly useful if a user wants to have one background for work and a different background for personal use.

Setting A JPEG As The Desktop Background

Click the "Start" button. Highlight "Settings." Click "Control Panel." Click "Personalization."

Click "Desktop Background."

Click "Browse." In the "Browse" screen, navigate to the JPEG file that you want to be your background. Highlight the file and click "OK." The picture you selected is now the desktop background.

Making The Background Into A Theme

On the "Personalization" screen, select "Theme." The "Theme Settings" screen will appear.

Since you just changed the background, the name of the theme in the drop-down box will be "Modified Theme." Click "Save As."

In "File Name" type the name that you want to give your new theme and click "Save." The new name of your theme is now in the drop-down box on the "Theme Settings" screen.

Click "OK" on the "Theme Settings" screen. The theme is now set.