How to Convert a JPEG to Excel in OCR

by Mara Shannon

OCR stands for optical character recognition. OCR programs interpret text in images of scanned documents and convert it to text you can edit, saving you the time it would take to type the documents up by hand. Converting the text from a JPEG image to an Excel spreadsheet will take some extra work, since you must copy and paste all the converted text into the correct cells, but it can still save you time. This process is easy to compete with free online tools.

Step 1

Upload the JPEG file to a free OCR website, such as Free OCR, i2OCR or New OCR. If the text on the JPEG is not in English, choose the correct language from the drop-down menu to improve the OCR conversion.

Step 2

Open Excel. You should see a new, blank spreadsheet.

Step 3

Copy the text from the online OCR conversion and paste it into the Excel document. Consult the original JPEG image to determine the correct rows and columns for the text.

Step 4

Adjust the cell width, if necessary. Click "Format" under the "Cells" group in the "Home" tab, then click "Cell Size." Either click "Cell Width" and input a specific cell width, or automatically make the cells wide enough for their contents by clicking "AutoFit Column Width."

Click "File," then "Save." Type in a file name and save the Excel file.


  • Different OCR programs can give different results. If one free OCR site has trouble recognizing the text in your document, try using a different site.


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