How to Convert JPEG and BMP Files Into Video

by Alan Donahue

Digital photos come in many formats but two of the most popular formats include JPEG and BMP photo files. Most pictures taken from digital cameras are already in the JPEG format and some pictures found on the Internet use the BMP format. If you want to create a photo slideshow or integrate these photos into a video project, then there are several conversion methods, ranging from easy to advanced.

Use a video editing program. Less advanced video editing programs will let you import pictures, but the size could become distorted. Using an advanced program like Adobe Premiere will allow you to crop, resize and position the photos just as you need them. The photos then can be rendered into an AVI file format and become video files.

Create a slideshow project using Nero Vision. Nero is one of the best DVD burning software programs available and its slideshow creator features simple drag and drop components along with special effect transitions that can be used in between the photos. Once the slideshow is created, you can burn it onto a CD or DVD and the video files will automatically render.

Use a free website to create interactive slideshow videos with your photos. Websites like Slideroll, gPhotoshow and Slide can all create slideshows that put the pictures together into a video format for your entertainment.

Convert your BMP picture files into files optimized for conversion. Many programs do not accept the BMP format for conversion because of compatibility issues, but the BMP format can be easily converted.

Open the BMP image file in a photo editing program like MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Click on "File" followed by "Save as" and a new window will pop up. Click on the "File Type" selection and choose "JPEG." Give the file a new name and press "Save." The photo is now converted and ready to be changed into a video file.

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