How to Convert a JNT to a DOC

by Lindsay Maddox
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Microsoft Windows Journal creates files with the .jnt extension. Unfortunately, not all operating systems will read and open .jnt files. For this and other reasons, it may be necessary to convert a .jnt file to a .doc file. It seems to be a difficult task, but with the right online resources, you can do it simply and for free.

Step 1

Note where your .jnt file is located on your computer. You will need this information in order to upload it to the converter tool.

Step 2

Navigate to an online converter that supports .jnt files (see Resources). You will first have to convert the .jnt file to .pdf before you can convert it to .doc.

Step 3

Ensure that the "File" button is selected, and click "Browse" to find the .jnt file located on your computer. Click "Open" after you have found and selected the file.

Step 4

Enter your email address. This will serve as your notification for when your file is ready to view.

Step 5

Retrieve and download the converted file, now in .pdf format.

Step 6

Navigate to a free media conversion site (see Resources).

Step 7

Select "Browse" or "Upload" in the first box. A box will open that will allow you to search through your computer to find the file. Search for the .pdf version of your file. Once you have located and selected it, click "Open."

Step 8

Select "doc" as the format to which you'd like to convert the .pdf file.

Enter your email address. This is where your file will be sent when the conversion is complete.


  • Ensure that the .jnt file does not contain anything that goes against the terms and conditions of the conversion sites.

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