How to Convert ISO to MP3

by Mitchell White

ISO is a virtual CD format, which means that it's a virtual copy of an actual CD, such as a music CD. In order to convert the tracks on an ISO music CD to MP3 format, you'll need to first "mount" the CD onto a virtual CD drive using software you can download for free from the Internet. Native Windows software can then get the music from the CD in MP3 format.

Step 1

Download and install some virtual CD software such as Magic ISO, Daemon or Power ISO.

Step 2

Right click on your ISO file and select the "Mount" option to mount it to a virtual drive using your virtual drive program.

Step 3

Open Windows Media Player. Click on the "Rip" tab. Select the drive on the left of the WMP screen that matches with the drive where you just put your ISO file.

Click to begin ripping the files from your virtual ISO to MP3 format.


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