How to Convert an ISO to an Acronis True Image

by Andrew Schrader

Acronis True Image is a hard drive imaging program that can copy and back up your ISOs (the entire contents of a DVD or CD disc in one complete "image") to your computer's entire hard drive. This software accommodates all Windows users (including Windows 7), who can use Acronis to re-boot an entire system from a back-up image if their computers crash. Converting an ISO to an Acronis True Image is the same thing as backing up an ISO from a CD or DVD to your computer.

Step 1

Download and install Acronis True Image (see the Resources section). Agree to the terms of use and launch the program.

Step 2

Choose the "BackUp" option from the main menu, since you will be backing up your ISO file with Acronis. On the next screen, select "My Data" and click "Next."

Step 3

Direct Acronis to the ISO image in the "Selections" screen, using the pop-up menu on the left side of your screen to choose your file's output location (where your computer will save the ISO copy to).

Select the option to make a new backup file. It may be best to let Acronis choose the option for you, as it automatically picks one. Review your summary screen and click "Back" to make any changes. Click "Proceed" to begin the ISO copy.


  • It may take several minutes for copying to complete, depending on the size of your ISO file.


  • Acronis, which costs $49.99 as of March 2010, offers a free trial download.


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