How to Convert an IPT to a DWG

by David Gray
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An .ipt file is a 3-D part or object created in AutoDesk Inventor. A .dwg file is an AutoCAD drawing file and can be 2-D or 3-D. An .ipt file can be converted to a .dwg file with the appropriate software application.

Step 1

Isolate the part you wish to convert in AutoDesk Inventor. To do this, either copy and paste the part from an existing model or create a new model using the .ipt file you wish to convert. Save the model (this will be an .idw file).

Step 2

Export the model as .dwg. In AutoDesk Inventor, use File > Export or File > Save As to save a copy as a .dwg file. This should keep nearly all of the detail from the .ipt part file.

Open the .dwg file with AutoCAD (or a similar program) to ensure the conversion went smoothly.


  • If using older versions of AutoCAD/AutoDesk Inventor, you may have to export the Inventor model file as a STEP or IGES file, then import that file into AutoCAD and save it as a .dwg.


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