How to Convert an IPT to a DWG

by David Gray

An .ipt file is a 3-D part or object created in AutoDesk Inventor. A .dwg file is an AutoCAD drawing file and can be 2-D or 3-D. An .ipt file can be converted to a .dwg file with the appropriate software application.


Isolate the part you wish to convert in AutoDesk Inventor. To do this, either copy and paste the part from an existing model or create a new model using the .ipt file you wish to convert. Save the model (this will be an .idw file).


Export the model as .dwg. In AutoDesk Inventor, use File > Export or File > Save As to save a copy as a .dwg file. This should keep nearly all of the detail from the .ipt part file.


Open the .dwg file with AutoCAD (or a similar program) to ensure the conversion went smoothly.


  • close If using older versions of AutoCAD/AutoDesk Inventor, you may have to export the Inventor model file as a STEP or IGES file, then import that file into AutoCAD and save it as a .dwg.

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